Mm Wave Soil Moisture Sensor

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A mm wave soil moisture sensor that can accurately measure moisture quantity in soil avoiding the effect of salt influence on the measurement.

Salt in soil disrupts the accuracy of moister measurement in soil in almost all type of high and low cost sensor in todays market (except TDR type of sensor who are very high cost). This type of low cost sensor can measure the quantity of moisture in a designated field area and transmit moisture data to irrigation hub system for accurate irrigation of the planted field.

Sensor works in a mesh network using very low power where the sensor battery can provide power for several years before its need to be replaced. This type of sensor can be deployed in numbers in a designated (due to low cost) and save lot of water who are high in cost in dray land area (like Africa or desert lands in Asia).


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    Yuval Izhaki
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    I work for a company (Circomm Technologies Ltd) who specialized in finding out of the box solution for clients in the field of electronics IOT radio frequency signal processing product
    for the last 20 years.
    From time to time we asked to provide disruptive solution for product other companies fail to design or provide
    there are many very low cost sensor in the market but all fail where encuntered in soil who conatine salt , we have asked to find a low cost solution who can save water and cost in dray lands.
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