Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System

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The project proposes a model of variable rate automatic microcontroller based irrigation system. Solar power as known is used as a clean source of energy that can be used in any system and also it is used in this system. Sensors are placed on the paddy field and these sensors continuously sense the water level and give the message to the farmer informing the water level. Without visiting the paddy fields, farmers can get the information about the water level. Based on the water level, a farmer can control the motor by sending a message from his cellular phone even from a remote place. However, if the water level reaches to the danger level; the motor will automatically start without confirmation of farmer to ensure the proper water level in the site. At the end of this paper, a complete hardware implementation of this proposed automated irrigation system is presented.


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    Amanyisye Mwalulesa
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    AutoCad and SolidWorks
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    sports (inline skates)
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    Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE)
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    My inspiration is to see more people are happy with using the clean energy from the sun lather than using energy that pollute the environment
    Also its my pressure to build agriculture for the back ground of our country is agriculture
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