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The team ENENT believes that the efficiency of the existing systems could drastically be improved by inculcating innovative techniques into it. Following our vision, the team made an innovation power distribution device that saves 20%-25% of the electricity bills. The device shifts phases in milliseconds to prevent imbalance being created into the system. This reduce the excess energy losses during the distribution of power. The cost of the device is just $300 and the device can easily be plugged into a conventional power distribution system with minor modification. The price could on average be recovered in about 6-7 months of installation through electricity bill savings.

Apart from balancing loads and reducing electricity bills, the device also ensures that your everyday load patterns are recorded and made available in real time through a cloud mobile app. So a user can monitor electricity usage whenever he wants and can prevent unnecessary usages. The device also maintains uniform voltage levels, adding to the stability of the grids. If installed on a massive level, the device can saves hundreds of tons of carbon-di-oxide emissions which is regularly produced at non-renewable power plants to cater ever increasing load demands. The device is designed considering the view of sustainable development.



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    Syed Ali Jaffar
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    Team members:
    - Muhammad Osama Bin Shakeel, an electrical engineer from NUST , served 2 years at Lotte Chemical Power plant as a maintenance engineer. Co-founder and currently serving as CEO at ENENT.

    - Syed Ali Jaffar, an electrical engineer from NUST , served 2 years at PTCL (Etisalat group) as a network deployment engineer. Co-founder and currently serving as CBOO at ENENT.

    - Muhammad Faheem Ali, an electrical engineer from NUST , served 2 years at SalTec powerlink as an IOT development engineer. Co-founder and currently serving as CTIO at ENENT.
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    I believe that by inculcating minor modifications or additions to the existing energy systems, we can achieve greater efficiencies. With the proliferation of smart IOT sensors and following the wave of Industrial revolution 4.0, there is a large room for improvement in the way we manage our existing systems.
    The design is equipped with the latest technologies and improves energy distribution system's efficiency by 20%.
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