Smart App Enabled Biometrics Mechanisms

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In this current world where technology is growing up day by day which is gradually increasing the usage of precious and expensive things in day to day life for making works handier, the need for security is also hyped in all areas. On the other hand as a human being, we always want to get maximum possible results with less effort and expense. We know well that in the 21st century biometrics is a very effective way of security authentication, but again using the physical biometrics sensors for this purpose makes it a lot more expensive as well as a bit complicated for a common man to afford and use.

When thought variedly for the solution to this problem we observed that every individual at the present time has a smartphone with him/her, and almost all smartphones nowadays have a feature of fingerprint authentication, face recognization or at least a pin based authentication feature available in it. So, in this proposal of a device, we have used a customized application along with a secured RSA 256 bit encrypted server and some IoT devices for the purpose of biometric authentication. Upon implementation into its prototype, we got really great results which showed drastically reduction of expenses up to 10 times without compromising with the high-level of unbreachable security.

 The App should be installed on the owner’s smartphone and during the first-time usage, the app will link itself with the lock through an automatic key exchange procedure completed using a WebSocket local server of ESP8266.
 The owner will have to just login thereafter with his/her Gmail ID then authenticate himself the same way he/she unlocks his/her phone through the app.
 On a successful authentication through the app, the event will be considered as a decision to access the lock and it automatically activates the toggle button in the app's UI.
 Once the owner toggles the button to unlock/ON state the app will write a unique instruction into the server.
 All the instruction coming from the user side is not transferred directly to the server, rather an RF communication with a WPAN has been used as a gateway between admin's router and server for the transfer of state information which eventually makes it quite impossible for the danger of security breach or unauthorized access.
 That instruction once received into the server will change the state of the widget in the server and then it is read by the remote ESP8266 deployed inside the device in real time.
 This results in activating a relay connected to the nuttyfi and hence activating or unlocking the Lock.
 PIN is also added on the device end as an alternative in case of any misbehave of the lock system for unlocking purpose.



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    Prabin Kumar Das
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    The real-life problems of society which can be easily treated with a little use of modern technology and knowledge with a basic ambition to make our devices more intelligent and efficient with being effective for all classes of people.
    Being a human being we should always try to give something beneficial back to society and only that makes you unique from others.
    At last, the product should add value to society and us as well, in the form of high market potential.
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