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In today's world, we use a massive amount of energy every day, nearly 25000 TWh per year. Additionally, a big percentage of this energy is supplied by nonrenewable energy sources, such as Oil (31%), Coal (28.6%) and Natural Gas (21.2%) in 2014. Furthermore, it is obvious that the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources is one of the major reasons for global warming causing oil spills, the abrupt increase in CO2 amount in the atmosphere, deforestation and etc. That's why energy supply is one of the major problems of today's world.

So we designed a keyboard and named it "Click Energy" that could be used as an alternative energy source by storing electricity generated from usage of its own. Placed between buttons and motherboard, piezoelectric sensors generate electricity from users own touches. Since our product gets energy from the vibration of the keyboard's buttons', it is compact and comfortable, which means there is not any change in the size and volume of the keyboard.

In one touch of a standard button you can get average of 0,02W, and if we consider that the average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute (WPM), what translates into between 190 and 200 characters per minute (CPM), and that makes 24W per hour which is enough to charge 1.5 iPhone 6 after 1 hour of work on keyboard.

We have also great market potential. There are over 4 billion computers in the world only 2.2 billion are working. And our main target customers are gamers and office workers who can use our product in the most efficient way. Amount of people we will reach easily is 50 million.

However, we are working on our design for only 6 months project won several national project tournaments and honored as the most outstanding exhibit at Yale University science fair competition.

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  • Name:
    Ulvi Musayev
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    Team members:
    Ulvi Musayev - Robotics Specialist
    Fidan Ramazanli - Market Researcher
    Nofal Gadimli - Technical Expert
    Zahra Gasimzade - Market Researcher
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  • Ulvi's hobbies and activities:
    Making Robots with Arduino
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    I am mostly inspired by the ecological problems that destroy the environment.
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