Fabrication and Construction of Hanging – Mobile – Modular – Overhead – Lightweight Sheds/Tracks/Tunnels/Roof or Bridges

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Design Statement:

Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Panels
2. Steer Wire Rope / Steel Bars or Tubes
3. Lap Lock Joint
4. Earth Foundation Pillars
5. Free Foundation Pillars

Fabrication and Construction:
Install the main pillar, that will support its own panel’s (panel 1) four corners and two corners of other panels (panel 2 and panel 2’) that are lying on its both sides. Other two corners of each panel (panel 2 and panel 2’) will be supported by free foundation pillar of panel 3 and panel 3’. All the panels are attached to each other by lap lock joint that has been described in the image. These installation steps will be so on for other next panels of the application.

Note: Span length can be increase by increasing the number of installations of free foundation pillars between two earth foundation pillars and with adoption of good property materials for support structures.


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