Ascend Manufacturing has invented the 3D printing technology of the future. Developed under a Nation Science Foundation grant and being perfected with world experts in 3D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory,

The metal additive manufacturing industry is advancing rapidly as a manufacturing process. It is over a $1B market and forecast to be nearly $10B within 8 years. There are massive benefits such as avoiding tooling costs, quicker turn around, and permitting designs of more complicated shapes.

A Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) is a test tool used to measure two or more electrical values principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). It is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electrical/electronic industries.

Automated Painting of Murals on the Exterior of Large Buildings

a.Updating the exterior of large buildings requires labor intensive maintenance.
b.Painting extremely tall murals is dangerous and beyond the skills of many artists and painters.

This project is about an automated sediment collection for a dam that is one of the biggest challenges of hydropower enegineering. The main problems that are shown on a dam concerning sediment are that it is very difficult to manage sediments once they are at a low level.

High-resolution imaging is an important tool for the visual characterization and analysis of a vast range of samples. Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are the workhorse of high-resolution imaging across multiple different industries, as it allows for visualization of micro/nanoscale features with a high depth of focus. However,

This system uses Machine Learning to classify bank notes. Trained on self-taken images of up to 7,000 taken under different various conditions of the environment and money conditions such as wet, crunched and dirty notes. it currently has only been trained and tested on Malawian bank notes.

Record-breaking amount of Sargassum is in the Caribbean resulting in the largest problem ever. The major problem it has brought are it piles up on beaches, sometimes many feet thick and begins to decay.

As manufacturing continues to expand and evolve, solutions to be smarter, more flexible, and increase productivity are required. CNC machine shop manufacturing facilities have a limited amount of floor space. With machining centers, materials, tooling, automation, finished product, chips/waste, inventory, inspection equipment, packing/shipping, material moving vehicles,

Bottles of water and aluminum/paper cans are inserted into the machine, shredded by blades and collected in a local area to be used later for recycling. The raw material is made up of bottles and cans in the streets and houses and trash cans.

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