Simple Solution to Prevent Load Swinging in Cranes

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Cranes are used to move loads from one location to another in minimum time such that the load reaches its destination without swinging. As we all know, that swinging problem occurs due to flexibility of wires but if the wire is rigid and permanently fixed on one side then the swinging problem will not occur.

As per the sketch there will be a telescopic arm and one side of the arm will be attached with the trolley of the crane. This rigid telescopic arm will be connected with the load at the time of lifting the load. In this way there will be no problem of swinging as the rigid telescopic arm will be fixed with the trolley and wires will work to lift the load so there is no chance of swinging of load.

My solution can achieve these following points at the time of construction.

Improved Safety
High-Precision Moves
Increased Productivity

Easily Implemented on Existing tech
Save time
Save energy to reduce carbon
Cost as the crane can work at the time of high speed air.
My solution is simple, low cost and very effective to prevent load swinging problem.

Load sway does not only impact productivity in a negative way, but it also manifests itself as a major barrier to crane safety.

I don't consider that I should describe the benefit of this solution as all experts know the benefit of this solution better than I do.


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