Safety Barrier

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Rubbernecking is a major issue on the roads of today. This action is a very dangerous behavior. It causes additional wreckage, due to a motorist’s curiosity on traffic accidents instead of the road. This behavior also leads to a slow flow of traffic. Furthermore, a traffic accident site sometimes exposes graphic scenes that may be too much for sensitive motorists.


The solution to this issue would be to design a barrier that offers privacy to prevent other motorist from looking at a current accident scene. It can be deployed in seconds! Moreover, it can be easily snap-fitted to fire trucks or ambulances.

As for structure of the barrier, the curvature of it, allows air flow to travel around and through the device. It also provides discretion for sensitive individuals from seeing a horrific car accident. The barrier would be made of nano fabric that is lightweight yet durable. In addition, a first responder can retrieve the product for an easy setup. After attaching the product to an emergency vehicle, the first responder activates the barrier by a method called "ionoprinting". This method works by sending electric currents through hydrogel embedded in the fabric to stiffen the barrier form.

The device also has LED lights built into it to alert other motorist on the road. This light installation will help motorist from staring directly at the scene and focus on the road. All in all, this product will improve the flow of traffic and prevent additional accidents.


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