Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System

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Over the past few years, we have witnessed some of the most destructive forest fires on record. With the increasing threat of climate change, forest fires will start to become more frequent and more deadly. The Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System (PSDS) is the first and only defense needed to stop these destructive fires. Placed in strategic locations throughout the Western United States, in states like California, Arizona, Washington and Colorado, PSDS can be activated remotely upon detection of an incoming forest fires. The construction is primarily of aluminum, cast iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, and steel alloys. A gearbox will be seated near the head of the unit will control the stream and water PSI.

Each unit would be painted to look like a tree so they fit into the natural environment in its standby mode. Enclosed by a 15-foot fence to prevent anyone from tampering with the equipment, when activated PSDS will sound its alarm to warn hikers, campers or animals in the area of fire and the unit is being activated. At full height, PSDS will range from 30-35 feet with 360-degree rotation capability and the spraying ability of up to several hundred feet. The water spray will be adjustable to focus the water on the fire and prevent waste and unnecessary soaking. Satellite technology will be used to monitor and control each unit from a central command center. Power will be provided by an adjustable solar panel on the shaft of each unit.

The water used for PSDS will come from underground reserves similar to drilling a well for a house. Another potential source of water could come through ground breaking technology that converts CO2 from the air and transformers into liquid water. Another possible idea would be to use high tech fibers to catch rain during the wet season similar to an upside down umbrella. The water would then funnel toward the center of the shaft where openings will guide the water to underground tanks.

A whole new industry will be created while reusing existing technology. The drilling process similar to oil or water wells. Logging applications to identify locations and engineering services to construct and prevent future problems, i.e., mud slides. The computer industry would monitor the function of each unit while the Wind Turbine industry would be used to construct the long shaft.

According to The Sacramento Bee, three forest fires alone in 2018 caused more than $9 billion in damage in California. In short, the Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System will save lives, reduce the damage forest fires cause and save private property. In addition, insurance rates would drop due to the presences of the PSDS. Smokey the Bear will continue to remind us to prevent fires as the Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System will be standing guard to make short work of any damage.


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