Crushing Bottles of Water and Aluminum/Paper Cans

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Bottles of water and aluminum/paper cans are inserted into the machine, shredded by blades and collected in a local area to be used later for recycling. The raw material is made up of bottles and cans in the streets and houses and trash cans. This machine consists of two parts: mechanical and electrical, the main focus of this project is on the mechanical part. Due to the dimensions of the cutting (2*2 cm in size and adjustable to different dimensions with roasting or square forms), which, in addition to easier transportation of crushed material, occupy less volume and result in increased quality of recycling.

Low noise and safety when using and also can use solar energy as a power supply are the key advantages of this device. The light bulb is intended to display the fineness of the remaining reservoir for the tank of liquids and minerals. The system has 4 sensors. Two sensors for reservoirs, one for separating liquids and another for separating a shattered bottle and a sensor on the inlet valve to prevent handover, has finally been put at the back of the panel to prevent the user from accessing the sensor input section. If the board is opened, the whole circuit is disconnected and the protection mode is activated. The device is small in size to be placed in the house or in the park or in public places or in the trash bin so that everyone can use it. The machines entirely it is easy and children can use this device safely.

A summary of the capabilities is included below:
• Portable
• The ability to crunch bottles of water and aluminum / paper cans is up to 1.5 liters without doors and doors
• It has the ability to crush healthy or crushed bottles
• Capable of crushing at least 5 bottles in 5 minutes (one bottle per minute) adjustable
• The device has the ability to assemble and disassemble, so that it can be easily serviced and repaired
• The machine is powered by single-phase electricity or can used solar power supply
• Can be placed in the kitchen cabinet

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