Smart Intelligent Prescriptive Personal Protective Equipment (PPPE)

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This invention demonstrates the future of automation through exploring the human – machine interface (HMI) so that human electrical signals communicate with machines to enhance collective genius. Moreover, this invention harmonizes the industrial and manufacturing fields with the blended genius of machines and humans. This is further demonstrated in the industry’s appetite and advancement in developing and implementing technologies such as digital oilfields, 3D modelling, pipeline sensors, and the internet of things (IoT). This Smart PPPE System has demonstrated a successful and innovative technical solution in advancing the IoT to solve worksite issues of operational performance, safety of the crew, rig, and environment through a connected system of brain -machine interfaces (BrMI) and body machine interface (BoMI). This demonstrates how human – machine interface and how brain- signals and biometrics can control machines and devices on smart plants and manufacturing worksites.

Allowing for real-time onsite Smart PPPE System can control through HMI instead of relying on remote hydraulic actuators. Since this system is powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) through connecting human brain signals to control mechanical operations the technology exists and could be easily deployed in smart - worksites. Since the key drivers of IoT are sensors, networks, storage, and big data analytics this interface enhances the industrial workforce ability to test, detect, and control functions onsite, in real time, using BrMI and BoMI commands converted into mechanical commands. This symbolizes how the industry will operate in the future through human – machine interfaces and will serve as an IoT guidepost to the next generation of blended workforce of humans and robots.  To have an onsite, intelligent and real time system that is able to sense ‘mechanical function’ is ground-breaking. In addition to inspect, test, and refurbish machinery at regular intervals to reduce the risk of human error – this is an epic leap into the future.

The system consists of the Emotiv- Xavier control panel via an Emotiv -EEG headset, that connects with a transistor. The transistor works as a switch in the circuit configuration, to allow the current to flow to the load “the device-valve” once it receives a signal from the Arduino. The Arduino (microcontroller), that functions as a DC motor connected to the mechanical valve controller to open/close.

With further reliability and validity testing constructed a working prototype and continued to validate in the field in applying valve actuators testing. Following the testing module there is an opportunity to take the next step and allow a full biofeedback cycle and relay so that other smart devices on the worksite can further communicate to the human – machine interface via signals sent to the via the EEG device in the safety helmet, glasses, smart gloves, belts and shoes. This will enhance the worksite performance and operations by receiving real- time updates on asset tracking and predictive maintenance. With IR 4.0 immersed industrywide there is a critical need to harmonize our blended workforce (Robots +humans) this smart PPPE system meets that critical need.


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    Samantha Horseman
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    Dr. Samantha J. Horseman
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    As a human - machine interface (HMI) scientist I am inspired by solving problems and challenges for our business partners at our #efactory. Fundamentally, I design through a human - centric lens (DT) and believe that the 'human' is the best sensing system we have on this planet. I am fascinated by taking great ideas to reality and applying IoT systems thinking/cybernetics as a signature to my #intelliSense portfolio. The intelliSense patents (57 granted globally) are just papers! I am inspired to take them to reality and create significant business value.
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