Truspoke - an Easy Way to True a Spoke Wheel

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The present application relates to precision mechanical tools, and more particularly to a combination tool for tensioning a fastener, for example as done when truing and aligning a tension-spoked wheel.

Many precision assembly operations require measuring the amount of tensile strain applied to fasteners. For example, in the fabrication of engines and pressure vessels, stretch bolts need to be torqued while measuring the amount of bolt stretch to ensure tensile strain on the fastener is within specification. For threaded fasteners, precision fastening entails a cumbersome two-part process: first, the bolts are torqued to a certain specification and then, the tensile strain of the fastener is measured. This process is repeated until the manufacturing specs are achieved for each fastener.

Applications for tensioned fasteners include tensioned spoke wheels. Tensioned spoke wheels are useful for lightweight wheels such as used on bicycles, motorcycles, handcarts, and other conveyances. Fabrication, maintenance and repair of tensioned spoke wheels is labor-intensive using existing tools and methods. The torque placed on a spoke nipple does not necessarily indicate an amount of displacement, thus requiring frequent measurement of nut position on the spoke for accurate truing.

Typical spoke tools include small manual open-end wrenches with a square head that clamps on the sides of a nut or flats of a spoke nipple. These tools can torque the nut or nipple onto the spoke’s thread with limited rotation depending on the clearance. Usually, when using these wrenches, the nut or nipple is turned about a ¼ turn or less each time. Using typical spoke tools and stopping the installation of a nut or nipple to make a measurement are tedious and slow the installation process. Truing a spoked wheel can be imprecise when done without precise measurement tools, resulting in wheels that are not perfectly round and/or are eccentric.

TruSpoke can be used with any existing 3/8th rachet such as impact wrench and torque wrench. Because TruSpoke is designed to work with standard tools, the fastener tips can be replaced with any driver tip such as Torx bit, screw driver bits and even open standard sockets. In addition, the measuring tip can be replaced with multiple sizes, types and lengths of measuring indicators.

TruSpoke driver bits are unique and different from other standard bits though. They have a through hole for a measuring indicator to go through.

As known in the art, spokes (stretch bolts), nipples (nuts) are not perfectly manufactured in the same way. Not to forget the wheels or other applications might not have perfect surfaces. However, using TruSpoke helps reaching an optimized measurement before final truing adjustment.



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    Tomer Hendel
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    Tomer Hendel
    Todd Haroutunian
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    The inspiration for the TruSpoke design tool was as a result of Tomer's motorcycle's untrue and misaligned spoke wheel.
    As a mechanical engineer and like any DIY enthusiast, Tomer insisted on finding a way to true he's own motorcycle wheels. The process was very complicated and a huge challenge to face, especially when working on BMW GS wheels. It was time consuming, frustrating process, required special knowledge and experience. There must have been a better way.
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