Therapeutic Pillow to Relieve Pain, Cure Diseases, and Calm Autistic Children

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A pillow embedded with PMMA medical grade optical fibers by a CNC machine I invented back in 1997. I coated the surface of the fabric with a thin film of silicon forming a flexible substrate underneath the pillow case so that a grid of light is formed over the surface. I use an Opti-Coupler I invented last year that responds to WIFI and Bluetooth commands from smart phones to generate light frequencies from IR to UV and pulse UV at 40 Hz through the fibers using a AA size 3.7 VDC Lithium Ion battery. You cannot feel or see any indication of any tech in the pillow until activated. The radiation helps to cure Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and some forms of skin cancer. The Opti-Coupler can also emit rainbow slow changing light patterns to sooth autistic children via smart phone commands and another Opti-coupler globe is able to emit sounds like rain, wind, music or other soothing sounds to help sleep disorders. The tiny (2" X 1") Opti-Coupler can be removed from the pillow and plugged into a pair of pants that help to relieve leg cramps, and sooth aches and pains. Remove it from the matching coupler attached to PMMA fibers installed in the pants and plug it into a wristband to focus UV radiation to help relieve carpel tunnel syndrome, remove it and plug it into an insole, slip it into a shoe to relieve pain.


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