eAnytime® Patient Pharmacy Self-Serve Medication PickUp™

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A practical offering for a pharmacy which wants to eliminate the need to have staff waste what could be productive time greeting a patient, asking for their name, looking up on the pharmacy system if a prescription(s) is ready for pick up, seeking and removing prescriptions from a tub-file, asking the customers address and, or telephone number, etc. and acting as a cashier if necessary. It would make sense to consider liken to what eAnytime® originated, proposed and had approved by state pharmacy boards for pharmacies, an in-wall or least cost patient self-serve bolted to counter interactive-computer SecurShield™ locked medication PickUp™ kiosk.Today pharmacies usually alert customers when a prescription will be ready for pickup and based on studies patients usually pick up prescriptions when stated ready. Therefore, it is realistic to assume that a small number of kiosk cubicles replenished when empty would be sufficient.

Pharmacy staff would enter their PIN to access the system, select an empty cubicle, scan a barcode identifying the cubicle and the label on the medication prepared for the patient which would have the patient identification PIN, enter if any full or co-pay and place the medication in the cubicle through the rear of the kiosk. A cubicle would be accessed by patients entering on an attached or standalone touchscreen their PIN, scan one of two fingers, and if full or co-pay required, follow the onscreen payment procedure. The cubicle door holding their prescription would unlock, the patient would remove the contents and the door would self-close and lock. The completed transaction would be kept in separate eAnytime® system or interfaced by eAnytime® to an in-house patient system in cooperation with the system provider. For detailed information view our website www.eAnytime.com.


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