HuPoTest - Test and Training Procedure for Mental State

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HuPoTest was discovered incidentally and developed for over 50 years by testing face to face more than 1000 persons under test (PUT). In fact, it is the calibration of the PUT mental timer by using a standard stopwatch and original operating procedure. Timer and mentality are strongly interconnected defining each other, so a good mentality is based on stable and well tuned timer and both of them define the overall health. PUT has to count successively xj = 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds several times each (recommended i =1 to 8) by following several compulsory steps. The measured values, yij, obtained on the standard stopwatch are retrieved and compared with standard values xj. Finally, it results a series of original parameters directly correlated with PUT mental state.

The huge data base obtained on a large number of PUT allowed to establish the significance of these parameters. Several parameters can be obtained by usual math formulas and other ones need professional math software and are not published yet. There are four main patterns of mental state, namely: dominating, dominated, independent and unable to perform HuPoTest. The first two categories are most prevalent. They need each other and are characterized by conflicts, violence up to crime and suicide. The same PUT can experience the four above mentioned mental behaviors on short and/or long term because human mind can not be completely controlled. In view to obtain and keep optimal control of mind and sound body, PUT has to practice HuPoTest in regular manner for self-evaluation and improving mental potential and overall health. The composite structure of human mind reveals that active component performing HuPoTest will be less and less perturbed by destructive emotions.

For anyone who wants to try HuPoTest, I am available without any obligation for help and further details and/or visit my website


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    Gheorghe Dragan
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    HuPoTest is an individual mental test and training as well in view to master proper mind and ensure solid and stable body health.
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