UV-C Sanitizing Device

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Using recently developed UV-C wavelength light emitting diodes (LEDs), a low power, compact, inexpensive device can effectively sanitize any small medical or other instrument (such as stethoscopes, reflex hammers, trauma shears, etc.) to above the 99.9% level. UV-C light in the 265 nanometer wavelength range effectively disrupts the DNA and RNA of common disease causing bacteria and viruses which disables reproduction and therefore eliminates them.

Highly effective sanitization rates can be achieved using low cost, low power LEDs , reflective surfaces, a UV safe enclosure and 5 minutes of exposure. Devices can range in size from wall mounted or counter top units using 120 V power to small rechargeable battery operated units for mobile applications in hospitals or potentially remote locations.

These devices protect patients, medical professionals and others from unwanted transference of disease from devices hard to sanitize using traditional methods. It is extremely difficult to achieve a 99.9% effective sanitization rate on every attempt when following the common practice of using alcohol wipes to clean medical devices. Alcohol can also cause degradation of most rubbers causing hardening, cracking and crumbling. UV-C wavelength light effortlessly sanitizes, without physical contact, every different type of surface exposed to it. UV-C light devices reduce waste and have lower overall cost of ownership.

Easy, fast, low cost, environmentally friendly and highly effective.

Ultra V Technologies is an early stage startup. Self funded to date, our products will soon start field testing and detailed design for manufacturing. Intellectual property and competitive products have been researched and our path forward is clear.

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    James Shifrin
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    Dr. Patrick Shanahan, MD, Member Ultra V Technologies, LLC
    James Shifrin, Member Ultra V Technologies, LLC
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    We are inspired by the possibility of enhancing health care all over the world. Preventing the unwanted spread of disease with such a simple product is beyond exciting and rewarding. This technology is low cost, environmentally sound and most important much more effective than current solutions. The third world application of this technology could be life changing.
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