Bio-Grid Systems H2O2 / UV-C Sanitizing Robot

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By combining hydrogen peroxide fog (h2O2) and eighteen 95 watt UV-C lamps (1,710 watts total) in a sequence therapy, uv-c shadowing is minimized and sanitizing bacteria and fungus is more thorough on hard to reach surfaces. The robot is pre-rogrammed by room size and maintenance personal enter the room number, their name on the control pad for memory history of sanitized rooms. A standard 20 amp wall socket plug to the robot is used with timing of 20 - 40 minutes cycle depending on room size. The combined use of H2O2 and UV-C also attacks the cell structure of bacteria and fungus in multiple therapies to better reduce the bacteria or fungus ability to resist and survive on its surface environment.

Bio-Grid system sanitizing robot has applications in hospital operating and procedure rooms, pharmacies, food and beverage industries and military where bacteria, fungus or cross contamination are present.


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    Barry Connelly
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    Feedback on alone noted UV-C alone is not robust enough to eliminate bacteria due to light shadows as well as time and distance reduced light wave efficiency. By combining two therapies in one automated process, the ability of the organism to reproduce is interrupted and ceases to multiply. Further the variability of humans to apply enough pressure and time sanitizing to each surface varies by person and location to be sanitized, Bio-Grid is repeatable.
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