A Better Configuration for the Bags' Points of Tension to Correct Bad Posture. "HUG"

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Currently, the bags don't have the best design for our back, because the design of those bags was made a long time ago and until now they were keeping the same parameters about where they had been sewn and its points of tension, I mean: the forces are converging and match with our body, directly with our back, shoulders, and neck. The design of the current bags is not the most accurate for our backs and they are very uncomfortable when you have to carry books, some electronics, or very heavy things, especially the mountain bag; or for long periods of time, as school backpacks! My solution is to make a new bag with a new design to help us have (and keep, as principal purpose) a good posture and don't hurt ourselves in the process. Warranty of no more pain, a healthy n' happier life where any student will leave a book or tool at home or carry on its hands because of the awkward and annoying weight in its back and shoulders. Now It will be more comfortable.

The idea would be applied everywhere, on every backpack, including the existent ones, by modifying them; otherwise, the people use bags every time and the most popular is the backpack, from children to adult and older ones, in every possible area where the usage of backpacks if often or so common.

It's about changing some aspects of its tension points in sewing: their position and angles; where all the weight is compromised and walking is involucrated, even standing on your feet waiting for the bus, parents or representants, someone else, or traveling.

Working as "a bear hugging its mother", the below points sewn go more above and in the top of the bag, these points of straw's sew go a little more separated and like it was a hug; both ends go angled. And my design in the rest of the bag, the fabrics and so, have thought in its durability and comfortable daily usage.

Improving the quality of life, public safety, and security. Preventing or reducing injuries, and consumption.

Gaining a big opportunity in the market because of all humans, our protective and well health instincts, always are in seek of the Grial to win against the origin of back pain/injuries especially to protect the youngest humans who are in growth. Being possible to implement already in manufactured because it's a change on plans.

Less than we could imagine in costs, maybe the plastics could be made by 3D printers, besides, there is a lot of already made plastics chippier. And fabrics depends on style and producers. Not big deals that we can't handle, it's almost the same but much better.


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