An HIV Detector: CATCH

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"CATCH" is a low cost, user-friendly, self-testing device which detects HIV. In emerging nations, this promotes individuals (who are prevented from travelling for miles to see a physician) to test for HIV at home.

Unfortunately, many individuals lack schooling due to a multitude of variables in emerging nations (including gender inequality, lack of infrastructure, poverty - the list goes on). CATCH is highly intuitive and anyone can use it. It is intended to do all the user's thinking and operates in three simple measures:
1. Sliding the disinfectant sleeve over the finger
2. Push down on the pipette/needle top
3. Press the button to see the result

This simple device has the potential to save millions of lives due to the small production cost. Emerging nations should not rely on western donations - they required a product tailored to their needs.



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    Hans Ramzan
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    Hans Ramzan is a British Product Designer who has worked amongst numerous markets within the industry - most notable; consumer product and furniture. With an intelligent approach to design, his ethos is to create thought provoking products.
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