IOT Based Health Monitoring System

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It is said that the main causes of sudden death in elder people are heart failures and risk of falling. Diagnosis and prevention of heart diseases and fall detection are more and more important in our daily life. In addition to increased population growth, online telemedicine systems are useful due to the possibility of timely and efficient healthcare services. The rapid growth in technology has remarkably enhanced the scope of remote health monitoring systems. Loss of consciousness and fall-induced injury is one of the leading problems faced by the elderly. They are the leading cause for the transfer of senior citizens from the comfort of their residence to assisted care environments. They also account for 40% of injury related deaths and lack of timely action can prove fatal. Monitoring system for monitor the patient’s health condition like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, acceleration, gyroscope, temperature readings automatically through sensor based network is used. The system is conceptualized to provide an interface between the doctor and the patients for two-way communication by using medium of IOT cloud server. The system is able to detect the critical conditions of a patient and then provides the notification to the doctors and patient’s relatives for the swift response.Here we are using pulse oximeter sensor(MAX30100), ECG sensor(ADS1298) and acceleration gyroscope temperature sensor(MPU 6050) for monitor the patient’s health. The main purpose of this study is to facilitate the remote cardiac patients in getting latest healthcare services and continuosly monitoring of fall detection and alarm system which might not be possible due to low doctor-to-patient ratio. It also provides the emergency help to the patient if he/she is in risk of falling or heart failure. The doctors get benefited from this system by observing their corresponding patient remotely without visiting in person.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the most widely used clinical test to study the cardiac activity. ECG is the biological electrical signal generated by myocardial cells, which trigger the beating of the heart. ECG signal reflects the working status of the heart from different aspects and levels, it contains the most important and basic body physiological parameters. Especially multi-channels and long-time ECG monitoring is effective for diagnosis and prevention of heart diseases. ECG signal acquisition system is the key part to ensure acquiring a complete and accurate ECG signal. It plays an important role in the process of clinical diagnosis and treatment for heart disease. This project presents a low cost and long-time portable 12-lead ECG system. To safely conclude that a given action is a fall, we must eliminate the other activities of daily life. These include lying down, sitting, jumping, running, squatting, hopping, etc. Therein lies a major difficultly, because many of these actions give similar analog readings as that of falling. What we have done is create a series of checkpoints that must all be satisfied to conclude that a certain event is a fall or not. The performance analysis shows that this system is reliable, cost efficient and ensures data security.


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