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Bioavlee is a biotechnology company with strong competences in R&D. The startup creates solutions that determine the new quality of laboratory equipment. Currently, microbiological industrial laboratories often work on the basis of time-consuming, manual analysis based on classical microbiology. The aim of Bioavlee is to provide products of the highest efficiency which are simultaneously capable of reducing costs and shortening the time needed for testing. Therefore we patented breakthrough technology that enables fast and efficient identification of microorganisms, using their optical and morphological properties.

The Bioavlee identification technology utilizes the fact that microorganism colonies exhibit specific optical (absorption and refraction coefficient) and morphological properties (profile, shape of the edges). The laser diffraction, method patented by Bioavlee allows to obtain a “fingerprint” of the studied microorganisms by diffracting light on the colonies of microorganisms.

Bioavlee’s technology is able to decode information about microorganisms owing to: the registration and analysis of optical patterns in the form of Fresnel diffraction spectra, the application of advanced statistical methods, based on quantitative traits of diffraction spectra of bacterial colonies, building classification models, a network infrastructure that serves both the users and the administration, a reference database of photos of microbial colonies in the cloud.

Our main product is Avlee 650 - a breakthrough system for the identification of microorganisms based on the innovative, patented method of laser diffraction.

The target market for its first version includes cosmetic laboratories, however in the future it is also expected to be used in laboratories related to the food industry. Our product is not only a device that performs detection. It is an entire system consisting of classification algorithms, a reference photo database, image processing control system or atlases in the cloud, supplemented by an extensive IT infrastructure for analytics.

The advantages of Bioavlee technology:
- shortening of the analysis time by a minimum of 24 hours
- automation of the identification process of microorganisms
- high accuracy of the analysis – above 90%
- high quality and a competitive price

Bioavlee’s goal is to develop equipment sales in Poland and around the world (Europe, Brazil, South Korea, USA) and to become the leader in the field of automated laboratory devices on the cosmetics market in the first stage of launching Avlee 650.

The recipients of all company solutions will be:
- Producers of cosmetics and household chemicals
- Commercial microbiological industrial laboratories
- Research units
- Science and Technology Parks

It is estimated that 2.2 thousand laboratories are located in Poland, Europe is estimated to house 50 thousand laboratories, North America – 70 thousand , and Asia and South America about 50 thousand.



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    Michal Wronecki
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    Team members:
    Michał Wronecki, CEO - graduate of master’s studies and postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. He has been managing corporations for over ten years. Has many years of experience in team management, specializes in creating business and financial strategies.
    Aleksandra Wira, project manager - a graduate in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
    At Bioavlee, she manages an interdisciplinary team composed of microbiologists, data science experts, electronics consultants and LabVIEW programmers. She creates a work schedule for all Bioavlee departments and supervises its implementation. She also supports the team in the software development process.
    Marek Jarosławski, CTO - supervises the process of creating the hardware components of the devices. Has many years of extensive experience in developing designs for the mechanics of test and research devices in drive technologies; electric, pneumatic, including high-pressure, servo drives, vision systems, measurement systems and various sensors.
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    We are inspired by the idea of the future without infectious illnesses –thanks to automation in microbiology.
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