Gripped Solar Waterproofing

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Gripped interlocking solar panel mechanism is designed to incorporate transparent silicone glass additive/filament manufacturing. The transparent silicone glass filament adhesive covers the solar panels top surface area enabling a gripped textured solar panel. The transparent silicone glass adhesive filament acts as a water/weather proofing containment lining as well as a tempreture residual resistant thermally conductive materialed coating. Silicone rubberized glass adhesive filaments acts as an insulating Barrier/layer for the solar panel. The silicone glass adhesive filament doesn't shrink or warp causing no structural stress. Acts as a protective gripped layering/lining. The gripped solar panel is applied for drawbridges, bridges, roads, personal driveways, parking lots sidewalks etc. 3D printing using transparent silicone rubberized glass filaments/additives would be very cost effective in terms of resource and development. Interlocking Solar panel function permits for a quick disconnect/connect ability enabling for quick repair/replacements.


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