IONIC Battery

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A device that stores energy in particles suspended in an insulating media, that travels around a storage unit comprised of an endless loop. The particle mutual repulsion keeps the particles from clumping or settling. The energy is imparted to each particle by a diode pumped solid-state ultraviolet irradiation device, while the media movement is accelerated to high speed. Once the storage media has completed a loop, resulting in a fully charged battery. The Ionized particles thus remain suspended in the media indefinitely, until discharge is implemented. The charged particles progress over a antenna where their energy is read by small signal amplifiers then fed to oscillation electronics to produce a viable output voltage. The media is advanced at slow speed until the depleted ion particles reach the input. At this point the battery is discharged and must be recharged. As the material of the storage construction is an absolute insulator with a vacuum backup this device does not leak or lose energy. The charge may exist for many years. After a long inactive period a means to start the discharge via a small dial on the battery that switches on the sensors and amplifiers to begin discharge, this start may be electronically controlled, when necessary, via a terminal on the battery. This battery presents a constant voltage and current output during each period of discharge. The wear factor is strictly a function of the electronics life. The storage media and particle are environmentally benign.


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