Ina Lite

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Problem Statement:
Over 600 million Africans lack access to electricity; 80 million of these are Nigerians. This forces families and local street food vendors to spend a huge part of their income continuously on fuel in kerosene lamps for lighting. Mobile phone use is on the rise too and possessing one entails locating electricity to recharge which is even more expense and difficult.

Our Product:
Ina Lite is a sustainable, affordable, portable, lightweight, thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to generate electricity which is accessible from a USB power port.

How it works:
-The User places the copper conductor in the heat source
-Heat is then converted to electricity through the thermoelectric generator
-The energy generated is channeled to a USB port for charging mobile phones and LED lights.

Fun Fact: Ina means "fire or light" in Yoruba language.



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  • Name:
    Okpamen Obasogie
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    Team members:
    Obasogie Okpamen(Team Lead)
    Hermans Efenudu(Strategist)
    Usifoh Benedict(Marketing Lead)
    Obasogie Osasumwen(Product designer)
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    I am inspired by the power of innovation and technology and how it can transform the world. Particularly my home country Nigeria which suffers from energy challenges mostly for lighting rural business stands and homes.
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