Ocean Plastic-and Waste Recovering Catamaran

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This is to use the middle area between two hulls of a catamaran (bi-catamaran) in order to efficiently scoop out the plastics in the ocean without having the ship to stop by placing a net (net is a piece of open-meshed material made of twine, cord, or something similar, used typically for catching fish or other animals) with its bottom portion submerged on the surface of the ocean in the front area of a catamaran. A net is usually used to catch fish but this time we are going to use it to scoop out plastics in the ocean. The net may be customized so that the net will have a pouch in the rear that will serve as an area to deposit scooped plastics. When the pouch is full, the net may be hoisted up by an electric motor until the plastic content of the net is fully poured to the tank. The net is hoisted down to the surface of the ocean water when the net is empty in order to repeat the process or as needed.

The catamaran may be propelled by a group of electric motors powered by fuel cells or a hybrid engine whichever is more convenient. The fuel cell may be fueled by hydrogen extracted from the ocean using solar cells. The whole ship will be powered by fuel cells (e.g. propulsion, air-cons, freezers, gps, lights, etc).

The catamaran is destined to operate the Great Pacific garbage patch in order to constantly clean the ocean for the rest of time without getting wet by the ocean.


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