Automated Sorter Using LIBS and FTIR

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This is a process of identifying plastic according to their polymers using the latest and state of the art technology and sorting them out in automated manner. Perhaps this is the first of its kind.

LIBS and FTIR are laboratory tested and commercially applied. We just have to integrate the LIBS and FTIR device, more likely separately , in a machine to identify the type of plastic with automated movement during identification and separation process.

This is a development or improvement in the collection and sorting of plastics compared to manual means of separating different types of plastic since the identification of type of plastic is done quickly within microseconds only or in less than a minute for hard to determine plastic type. Hopefully, we would be able to determine 2 to 5 different types of plastics per second on the LIBS method and other type of plastic in less than a minute each on the FTIR. This will create jobs to technicians and professionals for the maintenance of the machine. However, only hard plastics are recommended to be placed for identification on the machine for the purpose of stability during transition which creates vibration, ventilation, and using air as insulator during the identification process inside the machine.


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