Multi-Layered Solar Panel Charging Station For Electric Vehicles

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This idea is for a multi-layer of solar panel shade for electric vehicles (EV). Most solar panel charging station design uses a single layer of solar panels as shade roof for electric vehicles during charging. But a single layer of solar panel shade roof has a limited power rating during charging. To overcome this, I have made a multi-layer design of shade roof. That means, another set of solar panels are placed directly above a set of solar panels that are charging an EV in order to meet the required maximum power during charging. So there are two sets of solar panels as shade roof that are charging an EV. The upper and lower solar panel shades or shade roof. The upper solar panel shade roof are connected in parallel with the lower solar panel shade roof in order to meet the required maximum power during charging an EV or increase the power of a charging station. The upper solar panels are kept to a distant height, 20 feet higher initially (as shown in the illustration) from the lower solar panels in order to increase the penumbra and decrease the umbra of shadows thrown by the upper solar panels. As a result, the efficiency of lower solar panels are increased. You can also add another layer of solar panels as shade roof and increase the height of upper solar panels depending upon the required maximum power rating of a charging station. Solar panel as shade or shade roof was developed in order to increase curbside efficiency of a charging station, save the land area space, while providing the maximum power rating of a charging station. A multi-layer charging station can do three of them.

I have also suggested this design to a European company, so hopefully this design is adopted all over the world.


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