HP Recycled Satin Canvas

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S-One's company, Brand Management Group, is the exclusive licensee for HP Large Format Printing Materials. As such, S-One/BMG develops, manufactures, distributes and markets all materials under the HP brand in this space, known as HP Large-Format Media. In 2018, S-One created and launched HP Recycled Satin Canvas, which includes sourcing materials, manufacturing, product development, and all sales and marketing. A first of its kind, this printable canvas is constructed with 100% recycled water bottles. This environmentally supportive innovation offers an entirely new identity for the print industry that runs counter to its long-standing “wasteful” stigma, as well as making a dramatic impact on the mounting issue of the world’s plastic trash.

Printable canvas is a huge market segment in the industry, used for residential and commercial décor; mass-produced artwork for hotels, restaurants and corporate spaces; and one-off photo reproductions for consumers in neighborhood print shops.

In the print industry that is dominated by plastic-based vinyl products and solvent coatings, there have not been many options for interior designers and architects to specify environmentally friendly materials for printed artwork. This product is one of only a few options available to them now.

From a production standpoint, manufacturing of this canvas utilizes the same processes and technology as the industry currently uses to create polyester yarn for canvas, therefore, doesn’t add additional manufacturing costs in the way that many environmentally sustainable initiatives do.

This new recycled canvas is priced lower than most similar canvases currently available and performs as well or better than microporous canvases currently on the market in terms of image quality, instant-dry finishing and crack resistance (when wrapped on stretcher bars). This product provides a one-step solution for print operators by eliminating the need to add a layer of protective coating, as many comparable canvases require, further adding to time, production and cost savings.

Socially, a million plastic bottles are bought every minute, leading to between 5m and 13m tons of plastic leaking into the world’s oceans, according to a report in The Guardian. Of the more than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles sold in 2016, less than half of those were collected for recycling and only 7% were turned into new bottles. Instead, the bottles end up in landfill or in the ocean. With this new canvas, S-One has developed another option.

HP Recycled Satin Canvas is eligible for HP’s product return and recycling take-back program, the HP Planet Partners. HP collects used products for resale and recycling in 74 countries. With raw materials sourced from recycled bottles and the acceptance into the take-back program after use, this canvas creates a truly circular economy in HP’s orbit.

S-One very recently released this product to market with limited availability in the U.S. and EMEA, so sales numbers are not yet available. We anticipate HP Recycled Satin Canvas will be very attractive especially in the retail market and corporate décor where designers, companies and brands can capitalize on positive messaging related to using this Earth-friendly product.


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