Pneumatic Power Drive

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Present Scenario:

For years there has been significant development in the Automobile sector but the source of power, the engine, remains the same. Although the engine has been developed since the beginning the mechanism remains the same. The main drawback is its efficiency, 35%,  and it causes pollution. Another notable problem is that there is a considerable decrease in crude oil production and it will be depleted in the next 100 years if its usage continues.

To overcome this problem engineers sorted out the alternate source for IC engines and it is the electric vehicle. It has many advantages compared to its counterpart:  its is eco-friendly, efficient.


My concept involves harvesting wind energy. In this case as the car moves the resisting air in front is collected and sent to the vacuum ejector, due to pressure difference some volume of air is sucked from the atmosphere. One part of air from the atmosphere is stored in a reservoir for starting the power supply. The volume of air is stored in a tank to relieve pressure, then combined volume from the atmosphere and reservoir is sent to a pressure booster where the pressure is doubled.

From there the air volume enters ball bearing group where ball bearings are copper and outer and inner ring of magnetic material, as the copper balls rotate inside rings it results in induced emf and generates electric current which can be directly used to power motors of vehicle.

There are pressure gauge and mass flow meter are fixed in the passage before and after bearing group, the readings will be displayed in dashboard for maintenance. Then the exhaust air from bearing group enters another pressure booster, where one part enters reservoir and another to another port of vacuum booster to increase volume.The relief valve are placed in reservoir and power unit to relieve pressure.

Comparison with electric vehicle:

Battery weight and cost are high
It has limited power for travel and requires charging station to power up.
And most important is that it emits some toxic as a result of battery
My concept overcomes these disadvantages
The whole setup requires less space and weight compared to battery power
It doesn’t requires charging station and can travel as long as it requires maintenance
Completely eco- friendly as power source in air.


The ejectors and values can made of aluminium or steel, reservoir with stainless steel. The manufacturing cost will be less as it involves 80% in transporting air through hoses. It also requires less maintenance.


It doesn’t requires charging station or fuel and can travel long distances it can be marketed as family sedan. It could receive better response as it has better efficiency and cost effective compared to gasoline and electric vehicles.


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    Vigneshwaran N
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    My inspiration is to overcome problems faced by us in a simple way. This design can be alternate for IC engines but the main role ii it saves earth from pollution.
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