Fuel-less, pollution less Steam Engine /Steam Turbine Electric Train and Car Without Water Filling Again & Again

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Steam engine train is not use at present, because more effective diesel and electric engine train is invented. If we passing over disadvantage of steam engine , such as pollution ; water and coal filling again & again ; huge weight are carried for coal and water , then The steam engine may come-back again as electric train by generating electric through steam turbine among that train .Any fuel is not need to make steam and no need water filling again and again . This system can use for Truck ,Bus ,Car also .This system will be possible by this invention.

For this system one (for car ) or more ( for train )steam boiler is need for making steam and that/those to be install where sunlight will be available at running time for heating the water to make steam Except it, to be fitted four solar parabolic cooker ( per each boiler ) around the boiler , so that ,when the train or car run to the any side , sunlight well be available.

For it when sunlight will fall on that solar parabolic cooker , the rays will be fall on this boiler and the water will be heated and will create steam which will be store in a steam storage tank. Then through a narrow pipe ( than boiler pipe ) the steam will be out and it will be fall on a stream turbine through a five / six inch width nozzle , so that the steam can give pressure on maximum place of turbine blade. Now the turbine will move and generate electric which will be stored in a battery .Then the steam will be returned in to steam boiler by another pipe being hot water for going through water pot near the boiler . For it no need to fill water in to boiler again and again .To move electric engine , power will be supply from this battery by switch on.

In case of train , engine can move direct by steam and for night, steam can be make by electric immersion heater and that power will be supply from out-side source.


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