Water Purifying and Lifting from Underground Reserve Tank to Rooftop Water Tank without Cost

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There is a huge energy expenses for a motor pump or submersible pump to lift water from an underground reserve tank to rooftop water tank. Not only is it expensive but air pollution is created (indirectly for power generation). Except it, the supplied water from govt. or agency is not suitable for direct use/drinking. There is a need to purify the water for drinking and for it some energy/power is expensed. This invention will solve these problems and will give release from maintenance of motor pump and will save the world from warming.

For this system, a metal water tank (Fig -B) to be installed at some down position of the underground reserve water tank. A metal jacket to be fitted at middle position of side of this tank by keeping some gap at all side and bottom ( please see fig -C ). A pipe to be fitted from the side wall’s bottom position of reserve tank to this tank's top position (fig –A/1). A solar parabolic cooker to be install at more height position from this tank at any place or roof top. A metal tank to be install with this solar parabolic cooker ( please see fig-D ) and a pipe line to be fitted at this tank’s lower side position, and end position of this pipe will enter into the top of hollow position of new installed jacketed tank (fig-G). One or more immersion heater to be kept among the hollow place of jacketed tank (fig -E ) and switch of the heater to be fitted at the wall of ground floor. A steam out let pipe (Fig-F) to be fitted from this jacketed tank to roof top water tank and before entering to this tank the steam carrier pipe will go through a water pot (near roof top water tank).

The tank which up on the parabolic cooker and it‘s pipe line and hollow place of jacketed tank will filled with edible oil ( burned edible oil may use ). When the sunlight will fall on the cooker, the oil will be heated and the heat will be transfer in to the oil of jacketed tank’s oil, for it, water of jacketed tank will be heat. After few minute, steam will be created into the jacketed tank and that will go into the roof top water tank being hot water, when it will go through the out side water pot near the roof top tank.

For, sunlight-less day or emergencies at night we can heat the oil of jacketed tank by electric immersion heater. Thus we shall get purified water without any fuel or electric expenses except sunlight-less day.


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