Cost-less Water Supply for Agriculture Saving Underground Water and Creating Hydro Power (CWSA)

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Like fossil fuel the stock of underground water is limited and it is needed to stop, its use at agriculture. Somewhere water from rivers is supplied for agriculture but to send the water pumping machines are used creating a huge fuel expense and pollution.

The project ‘CWSA’ may be a successful way to save underground water and also produce hydro power which can be used for other purposes. Supply of water for agriculture will be fully cost-less which will help to reduce cost of cultivation.

For it, a large water tank like drinking water supply tank is to be installed at the river side up on a tower. The water from this tank will reach the field through a pipeline like a drinking water pipeline. The tank will be filled from the river by solar power. A turbine is to be installed for generate hydro power at some height from the ground. When water will be sent through the pipeline, at first water from tank will fall on turbine and then it will enter the pipe. So from this project we can get electric up to 5 m/w except rainy season, because there's no need to supply water from the river for cultivation during the rainy season.

Like fossil fuel, the stock of underground water is limited. To save underground water is necessary to us, but cultivation also is most necessary for production of food. So it is a challenge to us.

Without cultivation there will not be any life in the world and without water cultivation will be not possible. To extinguish fire anywhere, water can be collected from this pipeline. It can even help extinguish a forest fire.

India is an agriculture-based country and many rivers are present all over India. But rain is not sufficient in all areas. So we can cultivate water by this system in areas where rain is insufficient. We can save the flooded areas by drawing the water from the river and sending it through the pipeline to areas in need. So by this way our country can prevent floods and enable agricultural production in all regions. 


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