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Nowadays, building a new house is a difficult and expensive task for most people. The lowest price for a house is about $200 per m2 of living space, or $10,000 per house with area of 50 m2. This price is justified by the use of a large number of building materials, a variety of technologies with which these materials are processed and fixed, as well as the constant need to control the size, shape, composition, positioning, processing of structural elements.

I have worked out a solution that can reduce the cost of building a house to $45-$70 per m2 of living space. This is the result of using a new universal plastic panel for the construction of all parts of the house - the floor, walls, roof and windows. This panel uses the smallest amount of the cheapest materials (1 kg of plastic PP/ LDPE/HDPE/PVC and 1 kg of a metal pipe). At the same time, the unique panel design, contributes to the greatest possible strength at the lowest density of materials.

In contrast to existing panels, the developed panel contains part of the supporting frame of the building, as well as fastening elements of the frame and panels. This can significantly reduce the price of building a house and to facilitate the building process. Also the house will be easy to dismantle or modify.

Calculations show that a house measuring 7x7m (or 50 m2) will cost $2200 using recycled plastic or $3500 from primary plastic. The price of consumables $1100 and $1700 respectively. House weight 2.2t. In container 40HC it is possible to move 3 sets of houses.
When building a house of such panels there is no need for constant monitoring of the construction process. They are easily and accurately fixed in its place. After installing all the panels, the house is ready to move in. No need for finishing works . Inside the panels remains the air cavity, which if necessary (partially or completely ) can be filled with different material (for example, foam concrete). This is an additional opportunity that the client can choose after settling in the house.


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