Copper Strip Based System to Cool Down Machine

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The presented Idea is based on heat exchange principle. It will work in this way that the temperature of the machine or electronic device will be not increased. As per the sketch there will be a conveyor belt system and copper stripes will be connected with this belt.

Each copper strip will have a moveable hook.

The conveyor belt will move with two motors.

Each copper strip will be separated with each other and with conveyor belt with the help of Insulation.

How this idea will work?

The idea is very simple.when the copper stripe will be connected with the machine for Five to ten seconds then it will work to absorb the heat and after that this copper stripe will be removed and next copper strip will be ready to absorb the heat.

In this way each copper strip will work one by one to absorb the heat to cool the battery. The removed copper strip will get sufficient time to be cooled down itself.

Salient features:

(1) It is simple but very effective as I have done some work on it.(A unique waterless solution)

(2) It will be lightweight. If the weight of each strip is 20 grams and there are 15 stripes then the total weight of the system will not exceed 600 grams.

(3) The motors will consume minimal energy.

(4 The size of the system will depend on machine size and space.

(5) It is a unique and "waterless" cooling system.

It can change the world.


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