Tall Flood Wall Barrier Designs

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I have a design for cities and towns that could possibly be perplexed but improve and overhaul city and town structures. I have a pretty good grasp that it would control flooding problems in most areas. Imagine a cup if you will holding water. If we can rather contain water in a cup then what stops us from more highly sustainable technology when it comes to flood walls? Heck, we could even contain water to make fresh drinking water out of it instead of recycling water so that it is fresh! My idea comes with the thought of containment of water to that of water in a cup. I have an idea of heavy 13 foot wall metal-plastic alloy made with additive manufacturing for durability and thickness. They say walls are either made or designed to keep something in or keep something out. We have them around our country now in the South so why not work on the infrastructure of towns and cities so we aren't suffering from flooding? My idea on the infrastructure continues as an easy tongue and groove on each end of a wall piece and it seamlessly holding together to prevent water leakage. Water many times forms it's own path right? Well how about let's redirect it a bit. Putting a barrier below that digs about 15-20 feet back if not more and deep down in the grown enough as needed that it would not wash underneath the wall. If We can do bridges We CAN Definitely Do THIS!

My next idea is to incorporate an area where extra water can drain into away from flood alleys that contain businesses and homes. They usually call this a retaining pond because it contains water. The containing pond/lake has a drain that is thus recycled and used and stores for drinking water and other water-using facilities. My idea is to have the walls a few feet back and deep in the dam of the rivers or around flood areas whichever is cheaper. Also, it basically just consists of the idea of recycling water after thus re-directing it and containing it. It could be that if Israel has walls to keep people out that we could also apply the idea to floodwaters around our towns and cities. The idea could even be applied better if you think about just protecting the businesses and homes that get hit by the flood planes! I have rough ideas in the images but my work was done in CAD.


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    Jessica Gerlemann
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    I love to look at something and either fix or improve it for better outcome! It's been my love and joy since I was young and I would be so elated to see people not suffering so badly from flooding. It truly bothers me! It does.
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