Traffic Light Directional Device for Blind Persons Usage for the Traffic Light Poles with Lights Facing 2 Directions

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When blind persons (BP in further text), approach street crossroads with trafffic lights, they usually face the issue, how to detect WHICH beep sound is for WHICH direction? Beep sound is the same for both directions, although there are some tries to make 2 different beeps, they are not connected to walk direction at all.

In some cities in the US, beeps are connected with north-south and east-wast directions of streets, but that is very specific situation and cannot be applied to the rest of the world.

Eg., if you want to go “left” or “forward,” and you hear the beep sound, you do not know which direction is safe to go.

BUT, if we could have some object applied to traffic light pillar, which should be connected with beeper sounds, in the therms of connection of beeps and pattern, than we could solve this issue.

It should be like following:
DIRECTION A > LONG BEEPS, Sparsely pattern
DIRECTION B > SHORT BEEPS, Densely pattern

Blind persons could differentiate the directions by simple touching the rings which hold the patterns. Every pattern should be facing the different direction, connected with its belonging beep sound.


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    Zdravko Barisic
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    I've got inspiration when I was standing at crossroad, waiting for the green light, in my hood, I heard the sound of beeper to warn the blind persons to cross the street. I was thinking HOW do t hey know what is safe direction to step a cross.
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