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Plastics are a real time problem in each and every country but if we look deep into it we can find that maximum plastics are recyclable. The problem lies in the logistics part where maximum plastics are unable to reach the recycling industries. R-cube is a idea where a virtual force will help in keeping the environment clean. The manufacturing companies will print a bar code just below the neck of the bottle which will be sent to the distributors who will scan that code in the ID of the retailers and send it to them. There will be a recycling tax which will be added to the Marked price which is 7% of the price of the bottle. The person who is buying the bottle will get back 50% of the tax which means they will get 3% of the bottle price when they will dispose the bottle in the R-cube dustbin. After they dispose 1000 bottle they will form a cube and get rest 3% of the tax of the 1000 bottles at a time in their e-wallet. The remaining 1% will be kept by the company. The dustbins will be having a fingerprint scanner, card swiping machine, vacuum pump pipe, bar code scanner and switches. The customer have to scan the finger or swipe the R-cube card then the vacuum pump will start. The person will place the mouth of bottle into that pipe which will suck all the air from that bottle. Then the person will throw the bottle into the dustbin and will get 3% of that price in his account. In this way the company is decreasing the moisture content in the bottle by 80% which increase the percentage of acceptance by 40% which were previously not accepted due to food contamination. By squeezing the plastic bottle we can accommodate more bottles inside the dustbins.

We will send these bottles to the recycling industries and have a share from them. This company will collect the 7% tax value directly from the manufacturing industries in a huge amount and distribute this in the market slowly. The money is delocalized in the market as many people wont throw the bottles in the dustbins but those who will pick and throw will get that 6% part. The person who don't have the application or wallet will also get his amount. We will register a new account on a new fingerprint and keep the money in it. When the person will register with that fingerprint will get that amount. This will make collection of plastics bottle more easier and increase the recycling of the bottle. This is technology integrated reverse logistics where a revenue system is generated which is making plastic collection more easier and making the customer more concern about the plastics.



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    Subham Acharya
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    Balabhadra Chand, Vanshika Agarwalla, Baisakhi Dash, Ritik mohapatra
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    I am working on environmental problem from beginning of my engineering journey. Plastics have seriously affected the environment so my team plan was to make plastic collection easier using technology and innovation.
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