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The air conditioning of spaces has become a need of the human being to have a better quality of life, it is common for many families to have equipment to cool the air in their homes in the spring and summer seasons; In hospitals it is important to have air cooling systems for the hygiene conditions that are required, as well as to maintain comfort in public places such as cinemas and restaurants. Particularly in the geographical areas where there is a warm climate, air conditioning equipment is very necessary to counteract the high temperatures. Our team has identified certain problems that still exist regarding conventional air conditioning equipment:

1.- There is a part of the population that cannot afford conventional air conditioning equipment.

2.- In areas of warm climate (high temperatures), conventional air conditioning equipment remains in operation for longer than normal, which compromises its performance, durability and increases electricity consumption.

3.- For its installation, more than one trained person is required, due to its dimensions, weight and a certain height.

4.- When one of its components breaks down, it is necessary trained personnel and a considerable investment.

5.- The maintenance of this equipment is expensive and requires certain periodicity, due to its structure as it is a team that has an air compression system and that uses working fluids (gases).

For the above reasons, we have been working on the design of the prototype of an alternative equipment for cooling air in a closed space which has the following characteristics:

1.- It is a device that does not use a compression system and therefore does not use working fluids (gases), which reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and makes it friendly to the environment.

2.- Its structure is easy to manufacture because all its components are solid, easy to handle (due to its dimensions and light weight), the electrical connection of its components is relatively simple and does not require expensive equipment and tools.

3.- By not using a gas compression system, it has no leakage problem, there is no compressor damage, its maintenance is very basic and its installation is very simple.

4.- One of its novel aspects is that it can be built by reusing pieces of computer equipment and electronic discarded. Regarding the electrical consumption, it works at 12 volts and with a current of 36 Amperes; this is approximately 432 Watts, compared to a conventional one that consumes more than double.

5.- An advantage of this equipment is that it can be portable and can be adapted in any space, for example it is very possible to adapt it in cars and in this way reduce the fuel consumption, it could also be applied in cases of urgency as in hospitals or in remote places where there are no economic and technological conditions for the use of conventional cooling systems.

6.- Up to now the prototype built has managed to lower the ambient temperature by 41 ° F in an approximate time of 30.

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