SelectFlex® the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole

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SelectFlex® is the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole with Energy Return. SelectFlex arch insoles lift your arches into alignment with each step, to relieve foot pain with maximum comfort.

A simple turn of the key provides 1 2 3 levels of optimal lifting arch support for superior performance from healthier and happier feet!

Quinnipiac University's Motion Analysis Lab found the PowerLiftArch™ dynamically increased arch support by up to 52%.

The University of Edinburgh olympic test facility measured the heel PowerCup™ providing up to 50% more ankle alignment and stability.

SelectFlex is engineered with medical grade polymers, an ergonomic shell, padded by a super soft composite memory foam foot pad that is antimicrobial and surfaced by a low friction moisture wicking fabric.

SelectFlex conforms to the wearer's unique foot shape to dynamically support the foot with every step to deliver all-day comfort and refreshed feet.


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  • 2020 Consumer Products Honorable Mention
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    Peter Tarlton
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    Astronomy, Surfing, Kriya
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    Nature & Biomimetics: Using harmonic movement to support the body. Our multi-patent VRB technology moves in a sine wave up to support natural body movement. The design is ultimately inspired by 30 years of surfing and studying [ sine ] wave forms.
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