Personal Isolation Suit

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With viruses being a major problem today I designed a low cost, easy to produce personal protection suit that would allow people to still move about and perform some functions without exposing themselves to the hazardous environment we have today and in the future.

I envision my design being constructed of clear vinyl in 4 basic sizes. The design can be modified to make the suit more comfortable to wear and make the adjustment with 3 inch clear vinyl tape. I specified rubber gloves and replaceable footwear. Normal cloth cloths could be worn inside or outside as desired. Medical entry pockets can be included where necessary for medical assistance. The suit being vinyl makes decontamination easy. Clean filtered air is supplied by a fan unit in a battery powered backpack that can also filter the air sent out of the suit.

Donning the suit would be done through the neck and pulling the draw strings then sealing the hood front with the tape on the bib.

I would think a company experienced in working with the vinyl and making heat sealed seams would make a good fit, and require very little in equipment to start.


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