Energy Absorbing Helmet

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Competitive sports are a large part of today’s society. Many players of all ages are at risk of injury due to the pressure of wanting to win and doing well for fans. The excitement of winning, the promise of money and a supportive fan base are great motivators at the professional level, and may cause players to be over-aggressive during game play. They forget about the risks of impact and possibility of concussion and serious injury.

The Energy Absorbing Helmet outer shell is a recently patented technology that presents a breakthrough in safety equipment technology for sports participants who are required to wear a protective helmet during play.

The patented Energy Absorbing Helmet outer shell absorbs and reduces the amount of energy that transfers to the interior padding and wearer’s head. The Energy Absorbing Helmet outer shell can be used with any existing or future interior padding and face protection. This combination of protection is superior in safety compared to existing helmets because it reduces the force of the impact and the chances for serious injury.

Universal adaptability
Most cost-effective solution
Lightest possible solution
Least bulky solution
Effectiveness proven in laboratory testing

The patented Energy Absorbing Helmet outer shell is designed to absorb impact on the one-piece shell to protect the user’s head. The outer shell is slotted, forming absorbing beams portions located across the surface of the shell with exact specificity. As an impact occurs, the beams absorb and lessen energy to thereby reduce forces acting upon the inner padding and user’s head.

This patented energy absorbing technology can be adapted to any helmet, regardless of size, from youth to pros. The helmet promises to significantly reduce the number of injuries that happen in contact sports. Concussions and long-term injuries will be reduced or eliminated. Although the Energy Absorbing Helmet outer shell was created for football, all other sports that require a helmet would benefit greatly.

Shell Production
No new material development is required
No new manufacturing process is required
Inner Padding
No new interior padding development is required
Face Shield and Straps
No new face shield development is required
No new chin strap development is required
No new fitment hardware is required

Recently issued USPTO Utility Patent No. US 10,098,402 B2
Recently issued German Utility Model No. 20 2016 008 721

A functioning prototype of the Energy Absorbing Helmet with its outer shell and independent laboratory test results can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.


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