RoFo MOTORCYCLE BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

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RoFo MOTORCYCLE BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. Made of lightweight food-grade quality plastic, Polyethylene (PE) , or Polypropylene (PP) . Its design allows for practical weight distribution of content, without being “jumpy”. Empty, weighs about 1 ½ pounds. Full, weighs approximately 97 fl oz. Dispenses 8, 12 fl oz cups (an eight (8) PACK), of refreshment. Roughly 5 ½ pounds. Like wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet without all of the distraction.

While worn on an individual’s head, a second person operates it by means of turning the RoFo Handlebar Motific Tap; one’s favorite beverage dispenses from out of the bottom front wheel into a glass or into another person’s mouth. Thus making the wearer a Dynamic Factor. Its design allows for practical weight distribution of content, without being “jumpy”.

Great for Biker rallies, Races & Games, Motorcycle Shows, Sporting Events, Milestones, Props for Movies, TV and the Entertainment Industry, Incentive and Promotional Products for Corporations, Personalized Rewards, Radio Station Listener Increase Rating Prize, Reality and Talk Show Broadcast Conversation Product, Info-exploit Website gimmick.

The design keeps it balanced, stationary and comfortable while worn on the head that provides a secure seal without fear of it becoming unbalanced or falling off the user’s head. The design helps keep any separate liquid Hot, Cold, and Carbonated while inside the headgear, without affecting the wearer’s head. This design provides ventilation during wear. Cleaning its inside is easy and quick using ordinary liquid dish soap, rinsing, and then reuse. The RoFo MOTORCYCLE BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser is a Nonalcohol Beverage Dispenser. Now that’s an Eco-Friendly Green Refreshment Dispensing Machine.


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    Marketing an original globally recognized U.S. patented absurd functional and innovative beverage dispenser that is ironically global multicultural in design and usage. Proudly displaying the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser demonstrates the ability and fortitude to think creatively and to exploit dramatic campaign tools for maximization capabilities from the competition. Its design application can be implemented in four specifically different, yet similar Doctrines, Ethics and Practicalities: a. Medical, b. Astronautic and Aeronautic, c. Military Installations, and d. Silent Sports. Including and not limited... The fact is a RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser can be utilized as a premium incentive, promotional tool and marketing implement for the advantages of a business’s commerce and supportive consumers markets.
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