A Wall Mounted Smart Clock

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"CLOCKVID-20" is a voice controlled, subtle, home assistant which helps loneliness. This encourages people in self-isolation (who are discouraged from staying at home during lockdown) to unlock their social side.

COVID-19 is the largest pandemic in over 100 years. Nearly half a million people have fell victim to Coronavirus. From this more than 3000 people have died within the past 3 months as a result. Growing at such an exponential rate, it begs the question, why did it take such a long time for authorities to take action? Local governments have been enforcing (or in some cases, advising) their citizens to quarantine themselves and participate in the act of social distancing. This is where CLOCKVID-20 can help.

After being the shoulder to cry on for many of my friends who have been self-isolating, its heart-breaking. A few have smart speakers i.e. Amazon Echo, Google Home etc. However, most do not due to “not wanting too much clutter.” CLOCKVID-20 aims to replace your current clock. Whereas smart speakers are an additional eye-sore to a room. Furthermore, clocks are ornamental and often seen as a piece of art.

CLOCKVID-20 has numerous uses as does not discriminate to gender, age or culture. It has the following functionality;
1. Can be used as a standard clock (in its standby, low power state)
2. The built-in video camera allows people to easily call their friends via voice command whenever they feel lonely.
3. It can also be used as a security camera (which features night mode). The camera also has a feature which mechanically hides the lens meaning your privacy is fully protected when not in use.
4. Use as a mirror
5. A digital photo-frame (can be used for family photos, slideshows, or even art work)
6. Play music
7. Other various smart apps. Can be used to learn new skills/exercises whilst in isolation, allowing a more productive experience. You can then compete with your friends online on specific tasks!

This simple device has the potential to save millions of lives by encouraging people to not spread the virus. In this dreary time, suicide cases are also on the rise which directly corelates the feeling of loneliness.

The product comes in 3 colours (copper, silver and gold). This is so users can choose the most fitting colour depending on the type of room it is in. Furthermore, the production cost is extremely low and aims to be more affordable that Amazon Echo and Google Home when released.



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