Plant-Based Meat Substitutes with Microencapsulated Algae

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What Problem We are Solving

The problem we have solved is meeting the need for better and more nutritious meat substitutes that possess the ability to have multiple healthy components placed in the product matrix. Examples include microencapsulated flavors, alga's, and Cannabis extracts.

As the present population ages and succumbs to attrition, younger consumers, who have been educated as to the health value of eliminating red meats and some poultry in the diet, will move closer to eliminating red meats and poultry altogether. The younger generation, largely due to internet access, have learned that eliminating red meats/poultry can result in improved health and longevity. Red meats, poultry and some fish products are injected with chemicals found to be detrimental to human health and some are capable of bridging the blood-bell barrier, with some even causing Cancers. Thus, as shift from consumption of red meats and poultry continues to take place, and more and more younger people move closer to a total vegetarian diet, the need exists for better tasting and more nutritious plant-based meat substitutes.

RMANNCO has a viable (Patent Pending) solution and can meet this growing market demand by utilizing its ability to microencapsulate and create new, better food components, such as 'Algae', from the Nannochloropsis species (6 species). Algae can be used in present meat substitute formulations as well as in creating totally-new and better meat substitutes for specific meat markets, Beef Jerky, for example. Other market niches include creation of healthy animal feed for Equines and K-9's that include algae and encapsulated CBD compounds. We culture a species of red algae (used as a color substitute and for its nutritional value), Astaxanthin, which we grown in our own Biofloculators, which contains 600% more protein (in 1 ounce) when compared to the nutrient content in conventional (red/poultry) meats and fish, by the ounce. This substance can be used to enhance the nutrient value and eliminate #2 Red Dye in virtually any food substance used as a form of nutrient source in the human diet. Cannabis compounds, too, can be incorporated into any new meat matrix. RMANNCO manufactures the microencapsulated components.

In addition to being used as a meat substitute, we believe these substances can be used to help solve the problem of world hunger, starvation (algae is very inexpensive to grow) and to reduce the carbon footprint of foods and feedstock on a global scale. See:


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