A Better Perfume Dispenser

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When I was a child, I recall, distinctly, a time when someone was so excited about a fragrant orange peel, and its health benefits, that they squeezed the wet peel in front of my face. It got in my eyes and I obviously thought that I was being poisoned. Why? It HURT my eyes.

Nowadays, people are attuned to things like allergies to fragrances and strengths of produce. For some reason, manufacturing has not always updated its methods to accommodate our newfound knowledge of sensitivities. Case study: Tana Mongeau March 2020 fragrance release is accused of utilizing cheap packaging. Another problem that affects buyers is what to do when the packaging breaks, as the product is lost.

The solution presented is intended to address these three (health, marketability, stability), and other, concerns.

The inventory is currently researching patentability, but the basic premise is as follows:
A perfume vial with plastic stopper inside of a container with water-based buffering, dispensed via pump action and security stopping piece attached to the bottom of the pump. Any perfume pumped would go through filtering and distillation through the water, making it safer for people. The product is ensconced by a secondary container, making it less likely to break in shipping or by the consumer. The plastic stops at the top of the vial and the bottom of the pump would separately allow product to be dispensed, but if the pump is pulled for removal, the stoppers would meet and collectively form a seal.

Individually, each piece pricing is affordable and the possibilities of application when combined are potentially endless.


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