Crest Actuator

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Crest spray and mist actuator has a sleek modern design, suitable for delivering high performance and end- user experience. It is designed for hair styling and personal grooming; it is compatible with a wide range of valves bag on valves and standard LI valves. It can be reusable on another bottle and has a comb integrated into the overall design that adds an extra functionality to the actuator. It is easy to use on the go.

Crest is an innovative aerosol spray actuator for hair styling and personal grooming. This practical spray concept is easy to apply. There is a comb merged into the top surface. After actuation of the aerosol, it sprays inclined at an angle to the top where the comb is placed. Different spray patterns are feasible, depending on the formulation and customer demands.

Crest is an attractive, standard actuator that fits on 52 mm tinplate cans and 45 mm aluminum transfer shoulder cans. The spray actuator has no cover cap it is designed to protect itself from being accidentally sprayed even when placed in a bag or during transportation and stacking.

Sustainability in order to stimulate the circular economy, the crest actuator is produced from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) polypropylene (PP). There is no POM insert. The mono material product can be easily recycled.

The actuator is very user friendly just comb and spray at the same time. Very functional for beard products, hair styling and coloring products and easy to carry about.

The actuator would be developed using plastic injection molding.


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