Room Temperature Optimizer

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On aluminum structure shape with parameters 10*10*20 CM is taken,
inside of which Peltier module is attached with ceramic paste at height
of 3CM.

While on outer side, heat sink is attached with ceramic paste. Outer
shape is cylindrical and has diameter of 20CM and height of 30 CM.

Aluminum foil plate is attached to all four Peltier module. Maximum
aluminum foil plate is attached over Peltier module to get maximum
coolness accumulation.

Turbo fan with speed of 1500 RPM is attached on height of 12.5 CM.

While outer side has given space for water with heat sink visible

6. Air filter as seen in fig is attached inside the opening for air intake
and filtration.

7. One more shape is also made to place fragrance gel for freshness.

8. Below the box, connections of DC supply are made which are taken
from SMPS

9. Connection of Peltier module, fan and other apparatus are made
and packed with screws.

10. Temp sensor sense temperature to vary fan speed, with Arduino.

11. While connection of Peltier module can also be changed to get
same effect as we get in previous one.


1. SMPS is placed below box, is used to convert 230 V, AC supply to 12V,
10 A supply.

2. When supply is turned on, because of Peltier effect, inner side of
copper tube gets cooled while heat is transferred to outer side to heat

3. heating side will retain temp up to 30-35 degree Celsius and cool side
will have -5 degree or less.

4. Room freshener gel is placed below copper tube and turbofan is
attached over the tube to circulate air with temperature

5. Cooling effect of Peltier module will provide air up to 5 degrees
Celsius with 500W.

6. Connection of Peltier modules are changed to get heat at copper tube
and circulate hot air.


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