Stop Rodents

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So far we are losing the war with rodents. Higher and higher poisoning did not help. Is it possible to stop them? Yes, it is possible without even needs in poisonous substances. The only way to stop them is to deprive them from access to food. That could be done by putting glass chanks on their way, the only material which them unable to cut trough. That could be done by adding containing glass layers to the bottom side fundaments, wall panels, protective collars on cables, and pipes and tiles belts around of buildings. Additionally, containers filled with eatable for them products should have form and design effectively preventing intrusion.

These steps will safe food and help to prevent spread of diseases.

That could be economically sound too.


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    Michael Zeldich
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    We are poisoning our place for existing without any long term desired result but still do that regardless of incurred deterioration of the environment and imminent burdens connected with detoxication of environment.
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