Extendable Leg Guard for 2-Wheeler Safety

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This device is specially for domestic motorcycles. i.e., motorcycles up to 150cc segment, since there is no Anti lock braking system in such motorcycle because it is quite expensive for them. And till now there is no such safety device that can protect the rider from falling in an accident. In this Innovation, I have defined a safe riding condition for motorcycle by using speed and angle of tilt. Such that, in case of slipping, overtaking, sudden braking or any accidental condition as the motorcycle exceeds the safe limit, then the leg guard with an extra wheel will expand up to 3 times and the first impact during an accident which is most injurious will be absorbed by this leg guard and since this leg guard also contains a ball wheel, therefore the motorcycle will continue to move on three wheels even after falling. This will reduce the speed of motorcycle gradually and therefore the rider will not fall from the motorcycle because of momentum, all the rider has to do is to just have a firm grip over the handle and the rider will have minimum injuries.

This device can be produced easily and in huge quantity as the most complex parts used is spring and steel pipes.

There is already a huge market available for this device, as in INDIA alone, approx 20 millions domestic 2-wheelers are sold every year.

This device can reduce injuries and can save millions of lives worldwide.



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